Weekly Homilies

2023 Christmas Message

December 25, 2023 Fr. Mark Suslenko Season 7 Episode 3

Christmas Message 2023

The world wasn’t supposed to turn out this way.  Where is the peace, tranquility, justice and tenderness?  The night of my birth was such a quiet, unassuming one.  There was hardly a notice, in the ordinariness of it all, of the serene holiness emanating from my simple manger bed.  Love was born into the world.  I am Love…a gift, given freely to every human being and to all of creation.  All is blessed. All is one.  I am the glue that holds all of life together…. its beginning and its end.  I came as the Son of God to show you, to show everyone, that they are sons and daughters of God too! To show you that Love is at your center…that I live in each of your souls.  You are sacred.  You are holy.  

Is it so hard to believe that you are all children of God and that each of you come from the same well-spring of Love? That is the simple message I really wanted the world to know and understand.  What a difference it all makes…. when you understand where you have come from, who you are and where you are going.  All human beings, regardless of what they believe, where they live or how they look, are the same.

Why all this fighting and turmoil?  It is hard to believe that this world is the same holy sanctuary I once called home…. where my mother nursed me and my earthly father taught me our trade. What has happened…. here and in every corner of the world? Why do conflict, hunger, grief, anger, hatred and heartache still continue? Why are so many of my children hurting, cast aside or lost?  They didn’t listen then and they are still not listening now.  It doesn’t need to be.  It should not be.

People just don’t want to understand…. they just cannot believe that it is true.  It’s not hard to imagine! God made you.  God loves you.  God sustains you.  We are one. Where else can you find meaning? Purpose? Hope?     

I thought if everyone could really understand the expanse of God’s love that it could work…. that people could work together to build God’s kingdom…that contentment, peace and harmony could be found in abundance and shared by all.   Here is a place you can start…. today…..right now!

Give yourself the greatest Christmas gift!  It’s already been perfectly wrapped by your Heavenly Father and is a simple gift. Be who you are! You are a beloved, blessed, wonderful child of God.  Be who you are!  It’s not fancy or complicated and it doesn’t cost any money. Be who you are…not who the world wants you to be or who you think you need to be, but WHO YOU ARE. Then, you will begin to see every person you meet, whether good or bad, the same or different, as a living tabernacle of my Presence.  Realizing this, how can you then do any harm to one of your brothers or sisters, especially the most fragile ones? 

You can change.  The world can change.  It’s not too late.  Love is born, faith helps us see and hope springs eternal.

Be who you are.  Merry Christmas.